The Watton Almanack and Advertising Medium of 1891

A copy of the "Watton Almanack and Advertising Medium of 1891" was discovered by one of 1 town's businessmen when carrying out alterations to his shop a few years ago and it makes most interesting reading. As there are a number of tradesmen mentioned therein whose family business is still being carried on by their founders third, fourth, or even fifth generation we thought that it would be of great interest to most readers and bring back many memories to the older Wattonians. New comers to the town will also find much of interest in these adverts, not least the prices of ninety-four years ago, but also in the wording of the various advertisements. This reflects how very competitive they were, offering a wide variety of inducements to patronise their shops with free delivery to all rounding villages being offered by some tradesmen. By far the largest shops in the town at this tin were Messrs Durrants's, Kendall's and Dunnett's and the former is still in business with the thin generation of the family running it.

It will be noted that W. Kendall's West Norfolk Supply Stores supplied grocery, drapery, hosiery, boots, shoes, millinery, men’s, boys and children’s wear. Also, with their "New Modern-built Hearse with Glass Sides", they offered Funerals completely furnished. In fact, one could say they catered for the inhabitants from the cradle to the grave. Today this shop is now the large hardware, homecare and china store of Julnes & Sons.

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