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The following Books are used with the permission of the writers or their families and we would like to thank them for their help with this project.

Watton through the Ages

Watton through the ages reveals the history of Watton, written by George Jessup who had a passion for the country. He makes us aware how the needs of the local inhabitants have been met by each generation.

Grandad's Watton Volume one and Volume two

Mr. Cecil F. Chapman the writer says "the danger, or delight, of talking about the past is that one subject leads to another, and I find there are so many things and people we just had no time to chat about. The Wayland Timber Co. with its steam engines chugging up the high street, the last lamplighter, Tinker Dalton and Soldier Brown, real market days, the Watton Ambulance, and show days.

Yesterdays Dumplings

Take a trip down a Norfolk memory lane and experience a young girl’s life on a farm in the heart of the country.

This period of four years, living at Canada Farm in Griston, near Watton, tells a fascinating part of local history and interest, captured here for all to read and enjoy. The author, a local girl, still lives in this rural area and much has changed from when she lived here in the 1920’s to the present day.

“Everyone carries in their mind, what to them is, ‘The most perfect picture.’ It could be a rose, a sunset, or a bird in flight. (I could go on for ever.) But to me a field of standing corn is the most beautiful sight in the world.”



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