Local Heroes in Watton

History is full of heroes. What ever you read or where ever you go people speak of heroes from the past. Often their heroic efforts are not really appreciated until after they are dead.

If you know of a character from the past from the town of Watton who should be remembered please email full information to past-heroes@historyofwatton.org.uk

The history of Watton aims to be different we don't want to just recognise heroes from the past, we also want to celebrate the heroic actions of people while they are alive. This is how we define a hero:

        " A Hero is an ordinary person, man, woman or child, who finds the strength to           persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles."

Perhaps you know someone who you think is a hero? If you know someone who should be added to our list just email us their name and why you think they are a hero to:


The Role of Honour




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